Why you should opt Odoo CRM for your Website Development

Why you should opt Odoo CRM for your Website Development?

Odoo CRM at a Glance

Odoo is one of the best open source platforms with a suite of business apps & standardized solutions. It is a fully web-based application that provides multi user management which helps you streamline your business activities. A well integrated Odoo CRM system helps you grow your business.

Odoo CMS Advantages: Odoo CMS is up against resounding competitors in the CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Let’s look at some of these advantages of Odoo CMS for your website development.

1. Better HR Management

Odoo has a better HR Management; Odoo CMS is integrated natively with the HR module. It has option to separate employee login and you can update them about their holidays, appraisal, and leaves, etc without having to custom develop a separate module for it.

2. Simple & Easy Inventory Management

If you want to showcase the product stock availability on your website for your distributors and dealers, Odd has a simple and easy inventory management solution where you can do so easily using the inventory management module. You can track inventory of your product in a real time manner using gadgets like tablet and mobile phone.

3. ECommerce Capabilities

Let say you want to add an online store to your website; you can do so easily with the Odoo eCommerce module solution. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal also have eCommerce solution, but they are not as well integrated with other business systems as Odoo. With Odoo all your revenue will be tracked in the accounting module, sales information will be integrated with sales modules, and your customer information can be managed easily with the Odoo CRM app.

4. Marketing Capabilities

Odoo CRM has a fantastic In-Built Marketing Capabilities. You can do email marketing, use survey data in your customer interaction, conduct surveys, and provide customer care online through in-built live chat functionality. If your business organizes business events, Product launching events, with Odoo CRM, you can also create events, manage events, update event details on your business website and also promote your event through integrated emailing capabilities.

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