Why Odoo Implementation is important for SMEs?

Why Odoo Implementation is important for SMEs

Why Odoo Implementation is important for SMEs?

ERP systems are vital part of any businesses, For Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) managing customer relationship, accounting, manufacturing, sales, inventory control, all at the same time is not a small task. Depending on organization requirements these modules can be customized and implemented. Odoo is a business suite of enterprise management applications. Odoo is one of the most effective open source ERP solutions for SMEs. Odoo ERP is the cost effective open source software suitable for small and medium sized businesses. Odoo ERP is a widely used open source ERP. Odoo implementation is absolutely free. The easy and effective way to test Odoo features in to test it online for free. This article helps businesses who cannot afford the cost of implementing ERP software’s, searching for cost-effective Odoo Implementation Services and ERP solution.

Odoo modules include purchasing, warehouse management, billing, accounting, manufacturing, project management, finance, e-commerce, accounting, CRM, POS, and CMS that support various business processes. Odoo (OpenERP) is no license costs software compared to other ERP software’s. Odoo also provides fully supported cloud ERP with subscriptions. Odoo covers wide range of business applications.

Business activities includes manufacturing, supply chain, product planning, purchasing, inventory management, human resource, financial accounting, shipping, customer relationship, and payment, business analytics and many more most of these business activities are found in any modern ERP system. Businesses need to implement ERP software that fits the business need.

The implementation of Odoo ERP passes through different phases of implementation like users training, support, customization, evaluation, planning, deployment, and maintenance. The source code of Odoo is easily available to download and Odoo is easy to customize as per business requirements. ERP Implementation is a heavy Investment in any business. One of the main reasons opting to this open source ERP is its lower implementation cost. ERP implementation in any businesses involves process re-engineering and optimization. Our Odoo implementation service is purposive based on realising milestones. Our Odoo customization services are a part of it.

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