Open Source ERP
4 Tips for Selecting the Best Open Source ERP Software for Your Company
Tips for Selecting the Best Open Source ERP Software for Your Company There are a number of feature-rich, flexible, and cost-effective open source ERP Software available in the market such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. What happens if your needs are simple and your business can’t afford expensive implementations? You turn to the open...
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Why is Odoo OpenERP the 1st Choice of Many Business
Odoo (OpenERP) is a open source software providing all the business features of traditional ERP as well as providing additional modules for the business aspects. Not only in the Manufacturing Sector but also in Logistic sector, Service Sectors, Educational, Travel Sector, Health Sector, and almost in all major sectors, Odoo versatile software has been accepted...
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Open Source ERP- Odoo CRM
Do you know what makes the difference between good and great sales teams? The tools they use. This is Odoo CRM (Open Source ERP), a great tool to organize sales activities automate tasks and empower teams with customer daily. With Odoo CRM you can drag and drop your opportunities through every stage of the pipeline....
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What is ERP Software - Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP System - ERP Solutions
What is ERP Software? Enterprise Resource Planning | ERP System | ERP Solutions ERP software or Enterprise resource planning is a bundle of applications that manages core business processes including accounting, inventory, sales, purchase, Human Resource, and customer support. ERP is used to streamline cross-departmental workflows and automate back-office tasks. ERP can be fully integrated...
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Open Source ERP for Small Business
Open source ERP for Small Business Open source ERP can be affordable to small businesses that want to upgrade their ERP systems without paying large fees. Many small businesses are turning to a new way of enterprise resource planning software. This new system is much more affordable and easier to implement across an enterprise. Open...
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About Moltis Technologies Inc.

Moltis is IT Software Company in Ahmedabad, India and provides Odoo Services from Odoo consultancy to Odoo development to fulfilling your business requirements. We are involved in the design and development of the Open Source ERP, Odoo (formerly OpenERP), and Open Source Business Application. Being in IT business since 2011, we have a strong team of skilled Odoo developer. Request a call back for Odoo Demo and Odoo Consulting Services.