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All-in-one web based Real Estate Software CRM & Property Management Software / CRM to fulfill your property management needs.

Designed For Real Estate Agency

Real estate business is not just about creating a one-time deal with your clients. Moltis Technologies offers you cost effective Property Management Software / CRM  and Real Estate Management Application keeping in mind a world class benefit which helps you to track and manage properties with an aim of building long term relationship.

In our all-in-one web based Real Estate CRM you can generate monthly, weekly or daily sales reports to track performance to work better towards closing sales deals. Our Odoo Property Management System is open to integrate with any third party application and Odoo Real Estate Management System is open to add Document Management Modules, Mass Mailing, Sales, CRM, Accounting, which are available out of box in Odoo. So a Property Agency, Builder, Real Estate Dealer or Construction Company can manage everything under one umbrella.

The revolutionary Real Estate CRM

We are expertise in providing highly cost effective Real Estate Management System & Property Management Software / CRM through open source technology. By improving agility, reliability, and speed Moltis enable customers to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competitors. Our resourceful services include Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Development, trainings and support. Most Property Management Software / CRM’s are too complicated. Moltis CRM is unbelievably simple and designed just for Property Agency, Builder, Real Estate Agents or Construction Company. You’ll be amazed how much you can get done, every day.

Build Your Database

With our cost effective Property Management Software, you can create a client list all your clients, leads and prospects in one place.

Manage deals better

In our Property Management Software / CRM, you can manage and track prospects, leads, and active clients at every deal stage.

Grow Your Business

Imagine your Property Management CRM and business plan integrated in one simple package. So you can grow your business faster.


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