Open source ERP for Small Business

Open Source ERP for Small Business

Open source ERP for Small Business

Open source ERP can be affordable to small businesses that want to upgrade their ERP systems without paying large fees. Many small businesses are turning to a new way of enterprise resource planning software. This new system is much more affordable and easier to implement across an enterprise. Open source ERP applications have many advantages and benefits over the traditional software systems. Enterprise Resource Planning as the name suggests is used for managing the enterprise in various aspects. Open ERP cover the entire organization taking into consideration the necessary financial and accounting service, management plans, marketing and customer relationship department, production, and sales department. A single ERP is enough to manage the functions of the entire company.

Open source ERP Advantages:

  • Affordability
  • Fully Customizable
  • Faster implementation
  • Free to own & use
  • Community Support
  • Platform Diversity
  • Ability for connectivity

For small businesses without internal IT, it opens up the door to an ERP system. Open source ERP Customization is simpler than with a traditional ERP solution. An ERP system, if implemented used the right way can drive significant benefits, including reduced operational costs, better information sharing, better synergy between marketing and sales, better automation, leading to more revenue, and integration of processes.

Open source ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system. Any small business can save time and money by installing the customized ERP for your organization, which will manage the major departments and functions including finance, accounting, marketing, manufacturing, and customer relationship department.

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