Odoo for Trading and Wholesale Companies

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Are you in Trading Business?

Our Odoo trading ERP is comprehensive, robust, analytic, and exceptional ERP solution for trading industry.
Moltis Technology provide customized Odoo Trading ERP simplifying Inventory Management, Customer Management, Sales & Purchase Management, and more functions of the trading business. An ERP solution for trading can coordinate every trading functions such as assembling, item arranging, improvement, showcasing and more. Our Odoo ERP for Trading include Customer Relation Management, Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Invoicing, Report and many more.

ERP for Trading Company

A successful trading company will make ceaseless efforts to expand their market boundaries along with maintaining the present ones. The dynamic market behaviors and technological revolution are demanding more from an industry to keep up its competency level. Prime among it is updated and insightful information on, business process, customer pattern and marketing efforts. An efficient trading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution becomes necessary for this situation.
Our ODOO module helps in the challenges of handling customers and suppliers. In trading business, employee management is a critical task to handle. Through our ODOO ERP, crucial processes like: payroll management, working hours tracking of employees, timesheet maintenance, etc., are easily managed. Our ERP software focused at large organizations and small and medium-sized business.

Odoo Trading ERP

Employee management, including payroll and timesheet