Odoo ERP Features - Upgrade Your Business

Odoo ERP Features – Upgrade Your Business

Here are some of the Odoo ERP features.

You might be wondering why Odoo is a suitable solution for ERP when there are several other powerful solutions available in the market. Many small- and medium-size enterprises have already experienced a shift from their traditional systems to all-in-one application software suite. Over 3 million client’s organisations growing their business with Odoo ERP solutions. If you are planning to invest in ERP software, Odoo can be the perfect ERP solution to drive business.

Here are some of the Odoo ERP features why you should be adopting Odoo ERP to upgrade your business.

Easy to Use: Odoo has a simple design with elegant interface that’s easy to use.

Invoice generation: Odoo ERP has ability to pull Odoo invoice where user will pay it. Odoo has also accounting functionality such as put invoice up for your customer. The Sale functionality can generate invoice from Sale Order.  The Community modules provide integration with online payment provider.

Simple User-interface:  Odoo are always made experimenting new themes or colors with different other functions to offer a great interface. Last upgraded version is provided with a new look.

ODOO ERP Offers comprehensive features: Odoo has loads of functionalities and owing to its comprehensiveness.

Flexibility: Odoo ERP supports any changes required in the ERP solution to help companies outrun their competition and deal with market challenges. There’s no doubt regarding ERP software can be customised and flexible to a great extent to suit the explicit business requirements.

Great Modular Platform:  Odoo gives enough scopes to businesses and offers easy-to-use modules that suit your business.

Calls Management:  This is another important feature of Odoo ERP business software is calls management where you can plan and schedule the calls to various clients and manage all your incoming and outgoing calls.

Order Management – ODoo ERP is able to see total sales/orders for the day per site.  The Sale Order list view, you can filter by almost all fields available.

Lead Management: This is one of the most important features of Odoo ERP is lead management where you can manage all the leads by various users.

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